An Advent Calendar Wine Journey

So excited! I was fortunate enough to snag Costco’s Wine Advent Calendar, which features half bottles of mystery wines neatly tucked behind twenty-four numbered portals into the world of wine. My immediate thoughts were “what a fun way to try a variety of wines…. and…. a great way to explore their unique destinations!” Here’s hoping you’re as curious as I am and will enjoy discovering a bit about the unique locality represented by each wine. Chances are there will be some of your favorite past travel destinations, or a few new ones to add to your travel list.

above photos courtesy of Slovenia Tourism Board

Since there are many resources that discuss tasting notes, varietals, food pairings, etc. of these wines, I will not include those here. The location of the wine as it relates to travel will be my focus.

So I present to you, over the course of two dozen installments, the 2020 Costco Wine Advent Calendar wine destinations. And although it’s not Advent just yet, I thought I’d present these a little early in anticipation of the holiday season and as inspiration for 2021-2022 travel.

Cheers to discovering these wine destinations! Looking forward to your comments and thoughts of these destinations.

presented by Cheryl Walton, Travel Advisor

Discover ~ Day 1 ~ Day 2 ~ Day 3 ~ Day 4 ~ Day 5 ~ Day 6

Day 7 ~ Day 8 ~ Day 9 ~ Day 10 ~ Day 11 ~ Day 12

Day 13 ~ Day 14 ~ Day 15 ~ Day 16 ~ Day 17 ~ Day 18

Day 19 ~ Day 20 ~ Day 21 ~ Day 22 ~ Day 23 ~ Day 24

The journey is complete!

Twenty four wines and destinations waiting to be discovered!

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